1916 Leaders

James Connolly

Illustrated poster of some of the most well-known participants in the 1916 Rising. Many of these images were also individually printed and sold as postcards at the time. All but three shown here died in the Easter Rising, or were executed shortly thereafter. Thomas Ashe was on hunger strike in Mountjoy jail when he died on 25 September 1917, following a botched force feeding operation carried out by an inexperienced doctor. Countess Markievicz (rather incongruously pictured here in a glamourous evening gown) was released from prison under the general amnesty of June 1917. Released around the same time was √Čamon de Valera, very unusually named here as Ed. (Edward) de Valera. Spot the glaring error that is repeated over and over throughout this poster? Size: 80 x 42.3 cm Date: ca. 1917 Printed by: Powell Press, 22 Parliament Street, Dublin NLI Ref.: EPH POL/1910-20 (A1 Size) Reproduction rights owned by the National Library of Ireland ( http://www.nli.ie/en/rights-and-reproductions.aspx )

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